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"Refleciones alrededor de una fachada" had been  presented during the 2nd Bienal Internacional Asuncion, curated by Roy Smith, Dannys Montes de Oca and Osvaldo Gonzales Real in September 2017.


End of March 2017, demonstrators had attacked  the Asuncion’s Congres to protest against a government  initiative to change the Paraguayan’s Constitution (without asking the people vote) and allow a Republic President to  be re-elected .  Disturbs and violence engulfed all the Asuncion center for a few nights.

The Congress front had been mostly destroyed and manifestants had burned the all interior of the Parlement.


From  the Congress facade pictures  taken few days after these events, « Reflexions around a façade »(Refleciones alrededor de una fachada)  offer a video and photographies' digital  montage  Analyzing the same images with diferent point of views as if it were a roundtrip between reality, actuality and art : its expressions, transmutings and abstractions.


The installation increase the images and the screen lights as a reflexion…but also a reflexion around an event that took place few monthes away and its references to the past, history and traumas that constitute  the Paraguayan history.