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"Aesthetic of violence" had been presented during the 2nd Nanjing International Art Festival curated by Lü Peng and Letizia Ragaglia in 2016.


Belonging to that generation which in 1991 sat through the first war directly live like a TV reality show, when the operation "Desert Storm" took place to overturn Saddam Hussein. Seated comfortably facing the screen when the SKUD missiles began to be launched against Iraq. A bit terrified of course because it was a war the first of that amplitude in the West since 1945. But very soon rather reassured because it was not so terrifying : luminous projectiles sent into the skies, journalists reporting directly from hotel roofs.  We were watching a televisual event… something was happening undoubtedly something very serious but finally it had no more reality than the virtuality of a movie or at most of a video game The frontier between Reality and Virtuality was becoming very hazy As soon as an event is filmed it becomes an image pixilated and responds to aesthetic principles. Those images of violence destruction wars which deliberately or not we consume every day answer that aesthetics : « aesthetics of violence »  Underlining its visual resorts exhibiting them as such becomes a way of acknowledging their power and of the action they exercise over us. What aestheticism do these images transmit ?  Why are they shown us daily and above all why do we look at them ? Do they exercise power over us ?

To extract from these images a visual quality to define what is in fact their basic vocabulary to minimize its visual elements in order to become aware of the aestheticism they convey.